F22 Smart Radio2 Way Radio meets smartphone

PTT AnywhereUsing 2G, 3G or WiFi

The FutureOf 2 Way Radio is Here

Professional Communications... Anywhere

  • Businesses

    Whatever your business, smart radios provide a cost effective communication solution.

  • Security

    Smart Radios are already changing the way security firms operate.

  • Emergency

    Mission critical smart radios are a valuable tool for emergency organisations.

  • Schools

    Keeping Schools running smoothly, PTT Smart radios for teachers and school staff.

  • Families

    Keep in contact with loved ones at home or on holiday.

  • License Free

    Theres no license so Smart Radios can be used practically anywhere!

F22 PTT Smart Radio

Rugged PTT Handset Powered by Android OS

The F22 is a leading edge PTT device powered by Android OS and designed for use in mission critial applications. The hybrid design of the F22 (part smartphone, part portable 2 way radio) makes it perfect for use with both exisiting and emerging PTT applications such as Zello, GroupTalk and Azetti Networks PTT. The flexibilty of Android OS means you can choose the best SAAS solution for your needs so your PTT device will always be ready for new features and functions by simply updating an APP.


Band - GSM 900/1800MHz WCDMA 2100MHz
Cellular Network - Dual SIM (standard SIM)
CPU - Mediatek 6572W 1.2GHz
OS - Android 4.4.2 with Google Play Store
Memory - 512MB RAM 4 GB Storage
SD Card Slot - Up to 32GB
Touchscreen - Capacitive 2.4 QVGA 240*32mm
Dimensions - 124.5mm x 6.5mm x 26mm
Battery - 3,500mAh
Cameras - front 0.2 megapixels and rear: 0.5 megapixels
Standby time - 820 hours
Loud speaker - 26mm
Other Features - MP3/4 playback, camera, torch, memory expansion
GPS - Yes
WIFI - 802.11n
Vibration - Yes
Charger - Standard Micro USB charger
Accessory Jack - Headset, Microphone accessory connector, 3.5mm jack
Multi-language - English/all languages
Color - Black
Included Accessories - 1 x USB cable, 1 x charger, 1 x battery, user's manual

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